MP’s call for calm amid reported rise in antisemitism

Local MP Andrew Jones has called for ‘calm, tolerance and respect’ across our community following reports in the capital of a rise in antisemitic activities.

Jewish groups and the police have reported a significant rise in incidents since the terrorist attacks in Israel and the ongoing response from the Israeli Government.

Mr Jones commented:

I must start by being unequivocal in my condemnation of the barbaric attacks by Hamas. The reports I have read show a level of brutality deliberately targeted at innocent civilians unlike that which any of us could imagine. Kidnapping civilians, including babies and children, to use as human shields is cruel beyond words.

Some will argue there is a back story but I do not believe that any context can excuse the evil that was visited upon innocent people.

Antisemitism, like racism in all its forms, is a vile expression of bigotry and intolerance. It is inexcusable. I know that North Yorkshire, and Harrogate and Knaresborough in particular, are tolerant, generous and welcoming places. That is why I do not expect to see a rise in antisemitic incidents here.

Whatever has happened in the last week and whatever happens in the weeks to come I want everyone to demonstrate in our dealings with one another those positive qualities which mark our community out. It is a time when calmness, tolerance and respect are needed more than ever before.

Officers will be implementing reassurance patrols and visits to communities that could be impacted.

Chief Superintendent Catherine Clarke said:

I would like to stress that in North Yorkshire Police we are mindful that many people will be concerned about what is unfolding in Israel and Gaza and that this has the potential to increase fear and tension within our own communities.

We take all reports of hate crime extremely seriously and we will do everything we can to investigate any incidents, identify suspect(s) and take robust and appropriate action.

Harrogate Informer