Spa and Massages in Harrogate

In Harrogate you will find a wide range of Spa & Wellness Centres, with the personal touch of top specialists and the latest treatments in the field of wellness. The latest techniques and modern spa and thalassotherapy amenities fuse with a sea of beaches, all this backed by a large number of professionals in the area of health and beauty, together with a wide choice of private health care. If you would like to take a few days to feel good and pamper yourself, then come to Harrogate.

Turkish Baths Harrogate

Turkish Baths Harrogate in Harrogate

All of our services are designed with relaxation and luxury at their heart. Whether you have a couple of hours or a full day, our experiences will maximise your enjoyment and relaxation and minimise your stress.

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Simply Siam Thai Spa

Simply Siam Thai Spa in Harrogate

Simply Siam is Harrogate’s first town central Traditional Thai Spa. The techniques of massage practised in Thailand (previously Siam) are world renown and have a long history but their purpose in today’s Western world is simple: to relieve and relax the recipient, leaving them feeling calm, peaceful and lifted.

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Thai Garden Massage Harrogate

Thai Garden Massage in Harrogate

Would you like to feel the benefits of an authentic deep tissue Thai massage? Using the many variants of traditional Thai Massage, I can provide relief from physical and emotional tension in a quiet, peaceful, relaxing environment right here in Harrogate.

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