Green Party select their North Yorkshire Mayoral candidate

Cllr Kevin Foster has been selected as the Green Party North Yorkhsire Mayoral Candidate for the May 2024 elections.

Kevin Foster has lived in Catterick, North Yorkshire for over 40 years. He has served 30 years both in the Armed Forces Reserves and as a civil servant. His elected local government experience covers every level from Parish, Town, District, County, and now North Yorkshire unitary Council where he represents Hipswell & Colburn Division.

His priorities as Mayor for York & North Yorkshire would be firstly to ensure that grant bids to central government were of the highest quality to secure maximum funds for York and North Yorkshire.

Secondly he would promote a Circular Economy to enable this area to achieve net zero at the fastest possible rate.

Thirdly he believes that it is vital to improve our failing public transport to enable residents without the use of a car to access all of life’s opportunities, particularly employment and education. Businesses cannot develop & grow without workers who are able to easily travel to their place of work.

Kevin is organised, hard-working, and has a reputation for getting things done whoever he has represented..

Finally as a Green, Kevin is not told how to vote by his party, so he is able to consider the best interests of the whole York & North Yorkshire community, without pressure to ‘toe the party line’.

Harrogate Informer