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Our County Councillors and the Harrogate Area Committee, what’s going wrong ?

There needs to be a conversation around the Harrogate area councillors, and their Area Committee meeting, specifically what is it doing for the people of the Harrogate area. The Harrogate Area Committee took place on 14 September 2023, and they met in-person at the Harrogate Civic Centre. The first thing to note with the Area Committee wis that there wasn’t any agenda items where the committee had the final say on a decision. That means that any discussion that followed with a vote, only really represented the consensus view of the group, and would be taken into consideration by a
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Alan Titchmarsh visits Horticap

Alan Titchmarsh is the patron of Horticap, and visited the centre on Otely Road, in Harrogate today (17 May 2023). Horticap has a team of volunteers, and staff, who provide adults with learning and other disabilities training in horticulture, allied crafts and rural skills. He is a proud advocate of what Horticap does, and how it aligns with own beliefs on what an understanding of the natural world can do. Horticap is going through a period of development with a new building, shop and café. Outside work is just completing on a new garden, and there is a nature trail. Harrogate Informer …

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