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Yorkshire Water launches project to reduce sewer flooding – installation of 35,000 sewer alarms

Yorkshire Water have begun a project to reduce the risk and impact of sewer flooding in homes and the local environment. The utility company will be installing 35,000 Technolog customer sewer alarms at properties across Yorkshire. The move follows a successful pilot project of 5,000 devices in Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield and Doncaster, which won the Institute of Water North Region Innovation award. Once installed, the customer sewer alarms will monitor the water level within the combined sewer gullies using a pressure sensor which sends an alert remotely when an increase in level is identified. The devices use a wireless network Harrogate Informer…

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Number of events at Harrogate Convention Centre remains broadly level over the last 5-years

As the Harrogate Convention Centre is looking for further public money to redevelop its facilities, we have taken a look at the number of events held each year. We have found that the Harrogate Convention Centre is difficult to work with on news items, so we resorted to using the Freedom of Information (FOI) system. This was not ideal, and not the preferred way of working with an organisation. Information was returned by Harrogate Borough Council on the new events per year, total events held and the name of the new events. They have refused to give the total events Harrogate Informer…

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