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Yorkshire Water launches project to reduce sewer flooding – installation of 35,000 sewer alarms

Yorkshire Water have begun a project to reduce the risk and impact of sewer flooding in homes and the local environment. The utility company will be installing 35,000 Technolog customer sewer alarms at properties across Yorkshire. The move follows a successful pilot project of 5,000 devices in Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield and Doncaster, which won the Institute of Water North Region Innovation award. Once installed, the customer sewer alarms will monitor the water level within the combined sewer gullies using a pressure sensor which sends an alert remotely when an increase in level is identified. The devices use a wireless network Harrogate Informer…

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Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition response to Rotary Wood planning application

Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition was set up in response to Harrogate Borough Council’s 2019 notice of motion supporting measures to address the climate emergency. The Coalition promotes rapid greenhouse gas reduction activities throughout the Harrogate District. To avoid using up our fair share of the global amount of carbon which can be emitted without exceeding 1.5OC global temperature rise, we need to deliver the majority of local carbon cuts during the next ten years 1. Chair of Communications and Engagement for the Coalition, Kirsty Hallett, says:  The Coalition is not currently mandated to take a position on individual planning
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