Belzona Installs 762 Solar Panels at Harrogate Headquarters

Belzona, local manufacturer of polymeric repair and protection systems has installed 762 solar panels across the roofs of both of its buildings on Claro Road, Harrogate.

The panel cover a total of 1486m² should generate over 300,000 kWh of electricity per year. To provide perspective, Ofgem estimates that the average UK home uses 2,700 kWh of electricity annually, so this is enough to power 111 UK homes for a year.

Helen Parris, QSHE Manager & Head of Belzona’s Environmental Committee said:

We have been working for many years to reduce our environmental impact, and whilst we still have a way to go on our journey to net zero, the investment in these solar panels represents an exciting step forward.

The panels are designed to retain their efficiency over their 20-year initial life expectancy, meaning they will generate at least 6 million kWh of power and it is hoped they will go on converting solar power into useable electricity for a long time after that.

Belzona’s says it demonstrates commitment to its site and environmental goals.

Harrogate Informer